At Heart of DANCE we expand our community, connecting with amazing organizations. Our partnerships with Special Olympics B.C. and NSDR (North Shore Disability Resource Centre) create dance opportunities for their participants. The Special Olympics Dance club has reached over 104 athletes, where they practice coordination, collaboration, balance and performance. Dance adds to an athletes performance in body strength, flexibility, spatial and body awareness.

Special Olympics

Special Olympics and Heart of DANCE have partnered since Fall 2019, creating the Special O Dance Club. The club started as an initiative to have atheletes continue with exercise and relieve stress through dance during the pandemic.  With over 100 participants, Special Olympics athelets met weekly to practice their dance moves for thier final performances.


NSDR and Heart of DANCE have a growing partnership bringing the gift of dance to workshops, after school programs, camps and online classes.


Theatre Terrific and Heart of DANCE have worked together to bring dance to Theatre Terrific’s community members.  Theatre Terrific is one of the most amazing non-profit companies that continally put inclusivity and love at the heart of every program they offer.


Autism BC and Heart of DANCE partnered to bring dance to AUTISM BC Goes, a wonderful event we hope to be a part of again.