At Heart of DANCE we dance for health, happiness and connection, we give ourselves permission to let go of ego and embrace our own authentic and unique expressions through movement. We don’t focus on pointed toes or on the idea of perfection, rather our focus is nestled into finding that untouched and untethered part of our soul that craves to dance. Celebrating the freedom of movement, in inclusivity, authenticity and …


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DiverseAbility Dance

The dance floor is where diversity shines! Create, share and learn dance moves with meaning. Each class is devoted to body stretch and strengthening, improvisation activities, coordination conditioning, creating and learning choreography. Now offering online classes to DiverseAbility KidZ (5 – 16 yrs) and DiverseAbility Dance (17 – 55 yrs).

Training and Mentorship

For the dancer aspiring to co-facilitate. The training program teaches students the fundamentals of dance teaching. From counting beats, co-facilitation, room set-up, student check-in and covid safety protocols, this program primes students to volunteer or work in a studio setting both online and in-studio.

Video Library

Welcome to the video library of Morning Motivation, After School Dance, Choreography Classes and MORE! In the comfort of your own space choose the class that’s right for you. The video library invites you to have fun with dance at home, engaging dancers in energetic, skill building, expressive exercises and motivates healthy routines for the body and mind.

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Dance enhances creativity, builds confidence and cultivates trust relationships among people who dance together. The overall health benefits that extend physically, emotionally and mentally are enough reason to make it our mission to have more people dancing.

We believe there is a dancer that lives inside each of us. When were are called to express emotionally and physically through dance we are empowered and uplifted. Offering inclusive programs and classes to all levels, we cultivate meaning and purpose behind our movement. We welcome those who align with our mission, DANCE to our community, about supporting one another in our own unique and special dance journeys.

About Heart of D-A-N-C-E

Diversity – Acceptance – Non-Judgement – Community – Empowerment

Heart of D-A-N-C-E was founded by professional educator, dancer and activist Ashlee Davidson. With a Masters Degree in Arts for Social Change Education, a student of Dance Movement Therapy and fifteen years teaching experience she pursued her dream of creating Heart of D-A-N-C-E, a company that provides un-intimidating, empowering programs to an inclusive community.

Having first hand experience with dance being her most powerful guidance, Ashlee grew up competitively trained in traditional dance genres where she learned the skill and discipline of dance, but more powerful than learning technique, she identified the art of dance as a healing practice.

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Our Happy Clients

With Divergent Dance, “My daughter has the opportunity to dance to music she loves in a way that is fun and easy to follow. Ashlee’s [the instructor] energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She adapts to the needs of the students and they clearly enjoy her instructing. Fitness is so important for everyone and we are so pleased this class is being offered. We look forward to continuing dance with Ashlee in the future!”

Wendy Hausmann

Divergent Dance is the highlight of the school week. Students have the opportunity to connect with peers in a positive, encouraging, and supportive environment.”

(Teacher Support Worker – Divergent Dance Education)

“My daughter participated in Ashlee’s dance camp and she absolutely loved it! Ashlee was so encouraging to all of the girls. She facilitated an experiece where each student felt they were capable, they were a part of a team, and they were supported by Ashlee. Ashlee went above and beyond her role as teacher and facilitator to provide each family member a video of their performance and that was very special to share.”

Heidi Housmann

” Our students love coming to Divergent Dance! They talk about what we did after class and love seeing their friends each week.”

(Teacher Support Worker – Divergent Dance Education)

“Each Student leaves dance class feeling inspired, happy and special”

(Teacher Support Worker – Divergent Dance Education)

“I did it!”

Olivia – Divergent Dancer

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Ashlee Hosting Holiday Dance Camp with NSDR

Ashlee Hosting Holiday Dance Camp with NSDR

Heart of DANCE partners with North Shore Disability Resource Centre for a Christmas Camp celebration! December 20 – 24th, 2021, Ashlee shares the joy of dance with the NSDR participants. The NSDR participants whom Ashlee calls dancers, will be learning and co-creating...

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AutismBC Goes to Heart of DANCE Class with Ashlee

AutismBC Goes to Heart of DANCE Class with Ashlee

November 26 @ 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm FREE Looking for good way to start your weekend?  Join us Friday evening at our AutismBC Goes event over Zoom called AutismBC Goes to Heart of DANCE.  This online dance class will be led by Ashlee Davidson, who is a professional...

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